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What Do You Know About Disposable Sanitary Pads?

Jan 18 , 2022

What do you know about disposable sanitary pads?

1. What are disposable sanitary pads made of?

Disposable sanitary pads are composed of fiber (fast absorption rate and capacity), polyester fiber and nylon (keeping the surface dry).

Because it is composed of porous and low-density polyethylene, it can make menstrual blood quickly penetrate into the inner layer and keep the contact surface dry at the same time.

Moreover, disposable sanitary pads have soft texture and good absorption. It can absorb tens to hundreds of times its own weight of water. After absorption, the menstrual blood is hidden in the towel body.

2. Which kind of disposable sanitary pads are good?

A. Cotton surface is the most ideal. Cotton has high air permeability and is not easy to cause allergy, while general fiber mesh is easy to cause allergy.

B. Strong absorptive capacity. Adult nappy liners can bring menstrual blood into the towel and has a high capacity to store blood, which reduces the chance of leakage to both sides due to the lack of time to absorb it.

C. High anti leakage ability: when both sides of the crotch are pressed and the adult size pull up pants are compressed to the middle into half of the original, there is still no side leakage on both sides of the disposable sanitary pads; Where there is a concave anti folding line, it can prevent the folding of disposable sanitary pads and reduce the chance of side leakage.

D. Strong pasting efficiency. Through the pasting function of the bottom, the position is fixed on the underwear to prevent displacement. The disposable sanitary pads with wings are not easy to shift.

3. The purchase and use of disposable sanitary pads

As one of hygiene products suppliers, we provide professional information. During menstruation, the skin of sensitive parts is the most vulnerable. The survey shows that 73% of women will feel local skin itching and burning pain during menstruation.

This is mostly caused by the use of airtight sanitary pads. Therefore, to make special days more comfortable, it is very important to choose appropriate sanitary pads.

Disposable sanitary pads are generally composed of three parts: surface layer, absorption layer and bottom layer. The selection is mainly based on the materials and functions of these three parts.

(1) The surface layer shall be of dry mesh funnel type: the surface layer shall be dry, which can make the local skin free from moisture; Funnel design is better than barrel design, and the infiltrated liquid is not easy to return.

(2) The middle layer should be breathable and contain high-efficiency gelatinization layer. The disposable sanitary pads with high-efficiency gelatinization layer can condense the infiltrated liquid into a gel like shape, which will not seep back after being pressed, and the surface will not feel sticky.

(3) The bottom layer is preferably made of breathable materials. It allows gaseous water molecules to pass smoothly, thereby achieving the effect of timely exhausting moisture, effectively reducing the humidity and sultry between disposable sanitary pads and the body, and maintaining a dry and fresh feeling.

4. How to choose safe and suitable disposable sanitary pads?

The national quality department has the following requirements

(1) The error of length, width and weight is not big.

(2) Good absorption performance.

(3) Good permeability, including fast infiltration, narrow infiltration width and no reverse osmosis.

(4) The pH value is neutral and alkaline, and there is no uncomfortable feeling on the skin.

(5) There is no trace, no displacement or damage to the underwear when the adhesive is peeled off.

(6) Soft feel, white and fine texture,  no rigidity.

(7) The seal on both ends of the towel body is not damaged.