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Disposable Menstrual Pants

Disposable Menstrual Pants

Sopure menstrual pants have a super absorbent core, which can turn liquid into a gel and provide dry protection. Rapid Dry protection helps lock in menstrual blood and provides you with safety throughout the night without worrying about side leakage. Plant extracts are added to the water-absorbing biological core mixture, which brings a special dryness, breathable touch and moisture-absorbing core layer, allowing you to feel dry and comfortable all day long. Use soft fabric, no latex material, elastic panel fits your body contour, bring a comfortable fit. In addition, the tearable edge is easy to remove. Color stitching on the front. It is very suitable for night support, high flow, irregular periodic youth and postpartum hemorrhage. Material safety, super soft, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, latex and phthalate-free material.

Types of Disposable Menstrual Pants

How Long Can a Woman Wear a Disposable Menstrual Pants?

Since disposable menstrual pants are in the form of underwear, they are more suitable for large-scale use at night, so one piece can be used overnight for about 12 hours.

How Many Disposable Menstrual Pants Does the Average Woman Use in a Day?

How Many Disposable Menstrual Pants Does the Average Woman Use in a Day?

Mostly, 1-2 tablets per day. Disposable menstrual pants are similar to underwear. They are not suitable for use during the day, but more suitable for use at night, so 1-2 tablets per night are enough.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Menstrual Pants

Innovative menstrual care: This unique blend between overnight pads and menstrual underwear provides the ultimate menstrual protection and comfort. Maximum coverage and absorbency-The built-in 4-layer core can immediately absorb odors and hold up to 4 ordinary pads, allowing you to stay overnight without leakage for up to 12 hours. Safe and comfortable fit-It feels like ordinary underwear but has a 360° leak-proof and curved fit design for all-day comfort. Dermatological test-hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin, can provide maximum absorption and reliable protection. Natural ingredients-our plant-based incontinence underwear is completely chlorine-free and free of harmful chemicals.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Menstrual Pants

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