Sopure Healthcare Co., Ltd
Sopure Healthcare Co., Ltd
Carbon neutral factory

Carbon Neutral Factory

A zero-waste factory

ln 2018, Sopure established Sichuan factory which has the first production line in China that generates absolutely no waste in product design without any compromise of intrinsic quality. The factory also has fully automatic equipments, GMP workshops and modern warehouse.

Eco-friendly incontinence products

Eco-friendly Product

Compact package

A modern compacting process: 1/3 less volume cuts costs and makes transportation more efficient.

PLA material of polybag, back sheet, and wrapper.

Our commitments to a healthy planet

Our Commitments to a Healthy Planet

Creating better lives in a growing world is the most urgent challenge we face. To overcome it, we strive to become modern hygiene products suppliers since high standards of workshop and innovation drive us forward. Hence, our clients can keep improving the quality and sustainability of their products.