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Disposable Pet Pads

Disposable Pet Pads

Sopure disposable pet pads are made of 5 layers. As a result, these leak-proof pet pee pads can absorb urine within 30 seconds. The top layer can quickly absorb urine and keep the surface dry. There is also a non-woven fabric layer with a diamond-shaped quilted design to prevent flow. The polymer core can instantly turn the liquid into a gel, and the last two layers can lock in the liquid and protect your floor. Well-designed by Sopure, our pet potty pads are perfect items for both training young dogs and making life easier for elderly dogs.  

With the built-in polymer water-absorbing resin and quilted pad technology, our disposable pet pee pads have good absorption ability and can keep their surfaces dry. If you want to bid farewell to tedious cleaning work, buy our puppy training pads now! Users can replace these disposable pet mats at any time.

Types of Disposable Pet Pads Bullk for Sale

How Long Can a Pet Use a Disposable Pet Pad?

There is no fixed frequency for changing the pet urine pads, but the time should not be too long. If a dog urinates normally every day, it is best to change the compostable puppy pads every morning and evening. If the odor of the pet wee pads is strong, then the pet pads need to be replaced immediately. When a dog urinates at a fixed point on the dog urine pads constantly, it is necessary to observe whether the dog has any discomfort reaction, and at the same time avoid the dog biting the pet pads to prevent the dog from swallowing.


Safety of Sopure Disposable Pet Pad

All-day protection: The cushion of our disposable pet pee pads is designed with 4 absorptive layers so as to better prevent leakage and eliminate odors. 

Quick-drying: The unique flash drying technology can quickly turn the liquid into a gel to prevent marks, liquid spillage, and peculiar smells. 

Extra absorption: Sopure's bulk buy puppy pads are equipped with super dry technology, which can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid and turn it into a gel to protect the floor and keep it dry. Multiple uses-simple solution pee pad mats are perfect for dogs at any life stage, from home-trained puppies to elderly dogs.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Pet Pad

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