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Mar,28 2023

Can Adults Use Baby Oil?

This article explores the question of whether adults can use baby oil for dry skin and the benefits of baby oil for adult skin care. It takes a look at the ingredients in baby oil and how it can be used for various skin conditions. It also provides information on the safety of using baby oil on adult skin, how to use it properly, and the best types of baby oil for adult skin.



Mar,27 2023

5 Common Misconceptions About Diapers

In the category of consumer goods for mothers and babies, China baby diapers are number one, even ahead of formula (after all, there is still a large group of breastfeeding mothers). Today we will tal...



Sep,14 2022

Is It Necessary to Buy Baby Shampoo for Children? What Happens with Adult Shampoo?

Newborn babies are less active and only need water to clean the scalp. But as the baby gets older, shampoo becomes an essential daily necessities.But some mothers still use adult shampoo when shampooi...



Sep,07 2022

If the Diapers Are Not Changed Frequently, the Baby is Prone to Red Butt!

The baby diapers that babies use now are convenient and hygienic. Mothers only need to throw away the used diapers, and there is no need to "wash diapers" at all.However, many mothers only c...



Aug,17 2022

About Using Diapers in Summer!

Ⅰ. Should babies wear baby diapers in summer?Every summer is the beginning of a tug-of-war between mom and grandma with their baby. Does the baby wear baby diapers in summer? It's enough to keep ...



Aug,10 2022

How to Deal with the Baby's Butt Frequently Turning Red?

When the weather is hot, the baby's little butt may turn red. As soon as the diaper for newborn is opened, the bright red butt is in front of him. Also known as "diaper rash," red buttoc...



Jul,08 2022

How Old Can Baby Diapers Be?

Newborns start wearing baby diapers from birth, and the diapers they first come into contact with are disposable diapers. When the baby can express the need for bowel and bladder, parents can start to...



Jul,01 2022

How to Choose a Diaper for a Newborn? How Much Do You Need to Prepare?

There are various diapers on the market, and how to choose the one that best suits the baby has become the most troublesome thing for novice parents. The most important consideration when purchasing a...



Jun,15 2022

Tips for Using Newborn Diapers

How many diapers does a baby change in a day? If you're a new mom or dad, chances are you're a little shocked at how often newborns change diapers. Whether you're using cloth or paper diap...



Jun,01 2022

What Are the Precautions for Using Disposable Wet Wipes?

Compared with ordinary paper towels, disposable wet wipes have a greater cleaning effect on various types of dirt. Whether it's dust accidentally rubbed on your skin, mud hidden between your finge...



May,19 2022

Do You Know the Secret of Disposable Diapers?

From birth until the baby learns to take care of himself, diapers have always been an indispensable daily necessities. In the current diaper market, disposable diapers occupy a considerable market sha...



May,05 2022

What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Diapers?

1. Make sure baby diapers won't stretch the baby's thighsIf your baby is constantly leaking urine, then the baby is likely to need a baby diaper that is one size larger or smaller.2. Diaper ra...



Apr,22 2022

Market Development of Disposable Diapers and Its Impact on Children

Before the baby is born, parents should prepare all the necessities for him. A diaper is indispensable. Now, disposable diapers have already replaced cloth diapers and become the first choice for youn...



Apr,08 2022

Diapers: Disposable or Cloth?

As a new parent, you may not have heard of the controversies of the ongoing cloth diaper and disposable diaper debate. The use of disposable diapers has become so widely accepted as a modern convenien...



Mar,22 2022

Tips for Choosing Baby Wipes and Five Details!

Ⅰ. Pay attention to the ingredients of baby wipesIngredients determine the quality of baby wipes. In order to achieve the moisturizing and sterilizing effects required by the product, the added ingre...



Mar,08 2022

The Advantages of Disposable Diapers

Nappies are disposable products. It is made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, wool pulp, high polymer water absorbent resin, PE film, rubber band and other materials. There are two kinds for children...



Feb,25 2022

How to Use Disposable Baby Diapers Correctly?

Dry diapers can keep babies sleeping all night. Because of their strong water absorption, they are commonly known as disposable baby diapers. Therefore, it has become a daily product for babies. Altho...



Feb,11 2022

What Are the Precautions for Using Disposable Adult Diapers?

Ⅰ. The selection of disposable adult diapers1. The absorption of disposable adult diapersFor adult diapers, because the needs of adults are small amount, frequent times, inconvenient movement, and no...



Jan,18 2022

What Do You Know About Disposable Sanitary Pads?

What do you know about disposable sanitary pads?1. What are disposable sanitary pads made of?Disposable sanitary pads are composed of fiber (fast absorption rate and capacity), polyester fiber and nyl...



Jan,04 2022

Opportunities and Challenges for Adult Incontinence Products

At present, the main types of sanitary absorbent products include women's hygiene products, baby diaper products and adult incontinence products. Among them, women's hygiene products have the ...



Dec,30 2021

How to Prevent Leakage of Disposable Adult Diapers? What Are Their Characteristics?

Disposable adult diapers are disposable paper incontinence products and one of adult care products. They are mainly suitable for incontinence adults. The main performance of disposable adult diapers i...



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