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Disposable Baby Diapers

Disposable Baby Diapers

Sopure Disposable Baby Diapers are specially designed for soft-touch, super thin,comfort, and maximum absorbency. The Soft Breathable Clothlike Backsheet and velcro re-fastenable straps make the babies feel the ultimate comfort level of the product. Different SAP cores make the total absorption of baby diapers at different levels.

Meanwhile, our baby diapers contain Camomile extracts on the top sheet to eliminate the odors and our newly designed 3-D leak guard can prevent the side leakage effectively. Additionally, our baby born diapers adopt new premium top sheet material, which is comfortable and soft and can make the urine permeation fast to keep the surface dry.

Types of Disposable Baby Diapers

How Long Can A Baby Wear A Disposable Baby Diapers?

Generally speaking, a baby diaper can be absorbed 2 times. In this calculation, a baby can wear a diaper for 3--4 hours in the daytime. But at night, if the baby falls sleep, you can choose an overnight super-absorbent for newborns. It is better to observe the absorption information on the diaper packages. On average, newborns will consume 8--10 diapers per day. But each infant is different so they will use more in the daytime while consuming less at night.

As a professional manufacturer of baby diapers, we suggest changing diapers according to the situation of wetness indicator. If the colors change, you can touch the diaper to know the absorption then decide whether needs to change.

Cloth VS Disposable Baby Diapers

Cloth VS Disposable Baby Diapers

Health and Comfort

There's no huge difference between cloth diapers vs. disposable diapers here, as long as you change the baby's diaper when it's full. Leaving on a soiled diaper (cloth or disposable) increases the risk of diaper rash and doesn't feel so great for the baby. Disposable diapers are more breathable, but their moisturizing, absorbent chemicals irritate some babies. Some babies might prefer the softer feel of cloth diapers.


Forget the complicated folds and scary pins moms had to deal with in the past. Now cloth diapers come with Sopure or snap closures making changing time just as quick and easy as with a disposable. Cloth diapers also come with well-designed shapes fitted to babies, waterproof bands around the waist and legs to prevent leaks, and removable linings so they work just as hard as a disposable. Just keep in mind cloth diapers unlike comfortable disposable baby ones aren't quite as absorbent, so you'll have to change them more often.

Sopure Disposable Baby Diapers Safety

Sopure series baby diapers are produced by selected raw materials and world-advanced machines to make sure premium quality. Super absorption,ultra-thin and soft, safe for skins, breathable back sheets, and strong stretch tabs are the basic features of our baby diapers. These can provide the confidence of parents to use their baby diapers.

As one of the professional incontinence products wholesale suppliers in China, Supore provides baby diapers made without Latex, Artificial fragrance, Chlorine processing, Heavy metals, etc.

Sopure Disposable Baby Diapers Safety

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