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Disposable Hygienic Incontinence Products Wholesale

As one of the professional incontinence products wholesale suppliers in China, Sopure supplies not only disposable baby, adult, and feminine care products but also pet care products to bring pure care and love to all your family members.

Adult Incontinence Products
Adult Incontinence Products

Adult Incontinence Products: Our adult incontinence care products include disposable adult diapers, adult pull-ups, adult underpads, and adult pads. As one of the pro incontinence products manufacturers in China, we can produce complete series of adult incontinence products for the elders and patients to select. Our adult incontinence items will provide customers with a clean and comfortable user experience. Letting all the family can enjoy pure and wonderful care experiences is one of our missions.

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Disposable Baby Care Products
Baby Care Products

Baby care Products: Our baby care products cover disposable baby diapers, baby pull-ups, baby wipes, baby cream, baby lotion, and baby oil, and baby shampoo & shower.

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Feminine Sanitary Products
Feminine Sanitary Products

Feminine Sanitary Products: Our female care products focus on the disposable items used in the woman's menstrual period. All of our efforts are to supply safe, comfortable care products for women in their period. There are panty liners, sanitary napkins and woman pants products. These are different items for the day, night, and overnight use. Meanwhile, these products are also suitable to select in the light flow and heavy flow period. Different items, wonderful experiences!

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Disposable Pet Care Products
Disposable Pet Care Products

Disposable Pet Care Products: With the development of pet care markets, Sopure also pay close attention to incontinence hygiene care products for pets. We have Puppy training pads for pets to use. With the purpose of creating a clean place in your family with pets, it is better to train the pets to use their pads when they pee. We can produce different sizes of pet pads cover all your lovable pets ages.

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Featured Disposable Hygienic Products from Sopure
Sopure- Pro Manufacturer Of Incontinence Care Products

Exploring more incontinence protection products and markets!

Founded in 2001, Hangzhou Shujie Hygiene Products Co., Ltd has 3 factories in China to produce disposable incontinence care products, including baby diapers, dry diapersadult bedwetting productsadult-size pull-up pants, underpads sanitary napkins, panty liners, etc. We operate our own incontinence brands, OEM/ODM private label manufacture, and export business. As one of the first incontinence products wholesale suppliers in the industry, we have had continuous and strong development in the past 20 years. We have established complete production equipment in this industry and the sales channels of our incontinence protection products are covered at home and abroad.

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Total production lines


+ Employees


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+ Wholesale customers at home and abroad

Sopure has complete production lines covering all the age groups in need of personal care from babies to elders. We can produce high-quality disposable hygienic products from baby diapers, sanitary napkins to adult diapers.


As one of the pro incontinence supply companies in China, Sopure has a strong supply chain from product R&D to logistics. We can provide our customers with the full service of supply chain solutions for different-level incontinence care products.


As one of the leading incontinence products wholesale suppliers, Sopure has experienced teams to offer your valuable service to make your order of different incontinence protection products smooth and easy.

Sopure OEM/ODM Services

As one of the professional incontinence products wholesale suppliers in China, Sopure supplies not only disposable baby, adult, and feminine care products but also pet care products to bring pure care and love to all your family members.

R & D

As one of the pro incontinence products manufacturers in China, we have professional engineers specialized in machines and materials to offer you different product solutions to meet unique requirements.


We have cooperated with more than 200 suppliers including many world-famous companies. We try our best to control the costs of materials of good quality.


There are 24 production lines in our 3 factories with the production capacity: more than 850 million pcs of baby diapers,420 million pcs of adult diapers and 1.2 billion pcs of sanitary napkins every year.


We possess world-advanced full servo machines to provide our customers with different incontinence hygiene care product series.

Quality Management

We believe the quality is our company's life and we take more actions to it.

Warehouse And Logistics

We have more than 50000㎡ warehouses and our factories' location provide us with the convenient conditions to export goods overseas.

What Clients Say

Sopure Disposable Hygienic Products Customer Mr Patjek
Sopure Disposable Hygienic Products Customer Malik Muhammad Asif
Sopure Disposable Hygienic Products Customer Mud

The incontinence equipment is satisfactory, just the delivery a bit slow, but I can totally understand that which is due to lack of transportation services at this Covid 19 pandemic moment. This week I got good positive excellence from most customers that used product pull up from your factory. I would application with you. Will continue working on it.

Mr Patjek


"Hello how are you hopping all is well from your side and there's is good news some hospital is using our product Maternity pads and we have to arrange new purchase, plz contact me and give me best price now hoping for your response soon Thanks and regards " 

Malik Muhammad Asif


88 years old mom used these urinary incontinence hygiene products. She had no complaints. The material used to make these was the selling point for me.


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