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Adult Incontinence Products

Adult Incontinence Products

Our adult incontinence care products are designed from our love towards those elders and patients in need. We expect to send them kindness, comfort, and confidence. As China's Top 10 brands of adult incontinence aids products, we insist on improving the quality of our products. Our adult incontinence products cover disposable adult diapers, Disposable adult pull-up pants, Disposable adult underwear, Disposable adult underpad, Disposable adult inserts. High absorbency, economical but functional, simple are basic features of our overnight incontinence protection products.

As a professional manufacturer of adult incontinence protection products, Sopure concentrates on raw material safety and cost-saving for our customers. The key ingredients of our disposable hygienic products are from world-famous companies and we designed basic and super styles for these products to meet different markets' requirements. We have also created different shapes of adult incontinence support wear for customers to select. Through these efforts, Sopure wants to deliver our love to all those persons in need.


What Are Adult Incontinence Items?

This is a wide range of adult bedwetting supplies. These products are used for elders or patients in the need of incontinent care. As one of the professional incontinence products wholesale suppliers in China, Sopure provides:

  • Disposable adult diapers;

  • Disposable adult pull-up pants;

  • Disposable adult underwear;

  • Disposable adult underpad;

  • Disposable adult inserts.

What Are Adult Incontinence Items?
Quality of Sopure Adult Incontinence Care Products

Quality of Sopure Adult Incontinence Care Products

  • Fast absorption: Optimized Pulp and SAP absorption core can absorb more and fast;

  • Cotton-like softness and comfort: Soft and breathable top sheet Non-woven material and lock moisture, top sheet as soft as cotton, no need to frequently change the adult incontinence wear to keep dry;

  • Lock Moisture& Inhibit Odor: Three layers designed as lock moisture on the top sheet, absorption core, and leakage-prevention backsheet, absorb urine odorless to feel comfortable;

  • Leakage prevention: Three-dimensional leak guard as per body curve to contact the legs perfectly avoid side leakage;

  • Diversity pattern designs: Different types of adult bedwetting supplies can provide you with more choices when taking care of these persons in need.

Certificates Of Adult Incontinence Products

We believe the third-party authentication and certification can provide our company and products with a public and objective appraisal. Hence, we acquired these qualifications both for our company and products for customers from different areas. Since most of our products do not require these certifications but we still apply for and get them.

ISO Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
CE Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
Organic Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
FDA Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products

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From baby to elder people, Sopure provides varied bulk sanitary disposables including disposable baby, adult, and feminine care products to offer you care and love. If you have any enquires or request free samples, please do not hesitate to fill out the following form. We will reply by the next business day.