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Adult Pull-Up Incontinence Pants

Adult disposable incontinence pull-up pants are basically used in taking care of those incontinent persons. Aiming to produce high-quality disposable pull up pants for adults, Sopure, one of the professional adult pull-up pants factories, selects non-woven, pulp, and SAP, glue, and elastics to produce heavy-duty incontinence pull-ups with great absorption ability. Non-woven and belt non-woven fabrics are mainly used to produce soft and non-irritative top sheets. OEM services are also available for our pull-up pants for incontinence!

Our pull-on incontinence pants are widely distributed in hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, nursing houses, etc. With the approaching of old-age society, the demands for incontinence pull-up pants are bound to increase year by year.

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Pull on Incontinence Pants
Pull Up Pants for Incontinence
Heavy Duty Incontinence Pull Up Pants
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Bariatric Pull-up Incontinence Pants for Adults Specification

Item No.Product NameProduct DescriptionProduct Size(mm)Net Weight(g/pc)PackageCarton Size(cm)Gross Weight(Kgs/Ctn)Unit Price(FOB Ningbo) USD/PC
SMP-MM#Adult Incontinence Pull-Up PantsPP non-woven fabric;

Product Size:70*63cm;

Waist size:70-100cm


700*6307010pcs/bag, 8bags/carton70*22*3570.18--0.19
SMP-LL#Adult Incontinence Pull-Up PantsPP non-woven fabric;

Product Size:80*70cm;

Waist size:90-120cm


800*7008010pcs/bag, 8bags/carton73*23*377.60.2--0.21
SMP-XLXL# Adult Incontinence Pull-Up PantsPP non-woven fabric;

Product Size:88*85cm;

Waist size:110-170cm


880*8509010pcs/bag, 8bags/carton75*23*388.50.23--0.24
TopsheetNon-woven Fabric
CoreFluff&SAP covered by tissue
OuterNon-woven fabric
IngredientsNon-woven Fabric, Pulp, SAP, PE film, Glue, Elastic, PP front tape, Tissue, Elastics

SizeSuitable Wasit SizeAbsorbency--500ml pure water
Medium Size70--100cm
Large Size90--120cm
X-Large Size110--170cm

If the above incontinence pull-up pants bulk do not meet your requirements, ODM/OEM production is available for our disposable pull up pants for adults.

Disposable Pull-Up Pants For Adults Details

  • Sopure incontinence pull-up pants are soft and breathable: the imported fluff pulp surface layer is preferred inside to make the surface layer cleaner and skin-friendly. The bottom film is a micron-level composite. Its tens of millions of micropores can breathe in time, allowing the crotch to breathe freely.                                                

  • The material used for making our pull-up incontinence pants is comfortable and soft. The organ waist design of the pants and the ultrasonic lamination pattern on the side bring the heavy-duty incontinence pull-ups a soft touch. At the same time, there is a high waist and hip design, which can effectively prevent urine leakage from the back and side leakage.                                      

  • The heavy-duty incontinence pull-ups have strong suction and instant drying: the surface is designed with 3D three-dimensional diversion layer, which can speed up liquid absorption. At the same time, the high-efficiency water-locking factor in the absorption layer can effectively absorb water.

  • Available in medium (M) size: Waist 62-110cm; Large (L) Waist 68cm-127cm and pull-up incontinence pants XL Waist 68cm-138cm Triple anti-leakage, anti-odor, and moisture-proof dual absorption zones for optimal drying And protective breathable material, soft and comfortable.

Why Choose Sopure as Your Disposable Adult Pull Up Pants Factory

Why Choose Sopure as Your Disposable Adult Pull Up Pants Factory

  • Similar to other disposable adult pull-ups for sale at Sopure, the raw materials of this adult size pull-up pants series are also imported to guarantee quality;

  • Sopure pull-on/pull-up incontinence pants are designed with a leak guard to prevent leakage;

  • The underwear-like design makes these heavy-duty incontinence pull-up pants easy to be worn on and off. The users can adjust these pull-ups freely;

  • Three-layer design and high-efficiency absorption core can effectively lock moisture on the top sheet and provide leakage prevention;

  • Pull-up incontinence pants for adults can absorb urine quickly and leave the pants odorless to feel comfortable;

  • The ergonomic design of the bariatric incontinence pants absorption core ensures full absorption.

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?


Adjust the front and back of the pull-on incontinence pants then wear them on like underwear.

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?


Adjust the position as well as the fitness of the adult incontinence pants.

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?


Make the leak guard softly and suitably.

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?


When the pull-on incontinence pants user is still in self-control condition, where only urine will be left inside, please wear the bariatric incontinence pants off like regular underwear.

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?


When users can not take care of themselves, caregivers can tear the pull-on incontinence pants from the side seaming then take them off.

How to Use Disposable Adult Pull Up Incontinence Pants?


In cases where the excrement is adhesive to the adult incontinence pants, caregivers can tear the pants from the side seaming and hold then take off from crotch.

Suitable People of Adult Pull-Up Pants For Incontinence

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