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Our passion in your pet mats which are high quality. Design and innovation are two factors that drive us to improve our pet care products' performance. As a professional hygiene solutions company, we believe that user-centered, functional, and responsive design helps us improve the lives of our pets.

Disposable Puppy Pet Care Incontinence Products

Pet Care


Our products have always been at the forefront of the industry. In order to make consumers trust our company and products more, we have passed testing and certification by relevant professional departments so that our products can be known to the public and enter the lives of the public.

  • fda cat incontinence products
  • iso 9001 incontinence supplies for dogs
  • ce certificate pet care products
  • sgs pet care supplies
  • cqc disposable pet pads
  • brc disposable puppy pee pads
  • fsc pee pee pads for puppies
  • amfori eco friendly puppy pads

Pet Care Supplies Features

Absorbent Core:

Pet pads include an absorbent core that effectively absorbs and retains urine or feces. This core is often composed of materials such as superabsorbent polymers and fluff pulp.

Breathable Materials:

Incontinence products use breathable materials to prevent skin irritation and promote air circulation, enhancing the overall comfort of the pet.

Odor Control:

Some pet incontinence products come with features to control odors associated with urine or feces, maintaining a more pleasant environment for both the pet and its living space.

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From baby to elder people, Sopure provides varied bulk sanitary disposables including disposable baby, adult, and feminine careproducts to offer you care and love. If you have any enquires orrequest free samples, please do not hesitate to fill out the following form. We will reply by the next business day.