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Disposable Pet Care Products

Disposable Pet Care Products

We are committed to making thicker and stronger pet health care products for pet owners. Our pet pads are highly absorbent and can lock liquids well without going over the edges. You don't need to mop the floor every day. Our small mats have a thicker waterproof membrane to protect your carpets and hardwood floors from liquid damage. The training mat can be used for pet potty training, aging pet assistance, puppy care, suitcases, and pet boxes. These bedpan training mats are highly absorbent and can hold up to 6 glasses of liquid. The quick-day surface keeps your pet's feet dry and clean, which means you no longer need to worry about wet footprints on the floor or wall.

Sopure disposable pet pads are designed to provide pets with a cleaner and more comfortable environment while helping to reduce the cleaning pressure of pet parents.


What Are Pet Care Items?

This is a wide range of pet care items.

For our factory there are:

  • New Designed Puppy Pads

  • Puppy Training Pads

  • Disposable Convenient Pet Pads

What Are Pet Care Items?
Pet Care Products Quality

Pet Care Products Quality

  • Highly absorbent: 5-layer design makes our x-large dog care pet training mat much more absorbent than the weest pads for dogs, holding up to 9 cups of liquid.

  • Leakproof: 100% leak-free with a durable waterproof plastic layer to protect your floor or carpet from damages, making home clean-up far easier.

  • Quick-dry: Non-woven fabric top layer for fast absorbency, which absorbs liquid instantly; Diamond-quilted design directs the liquid to be absorbed quickly to prevent overflow.

  • High-quality materials: Features premium materials, the upgraded large potty pads for dogs are of excellent quality and resistant to scratches and tears.

  • New Upgraded Material: The new puppy pads are made of high-quality materials and surfaces adopts thicker quick-drying material. Compared with other training pads, it does quick-drying with absorbs urine smell and is also Scratch-resistant and Tear-resistant.

  • Extra-large Size: Dog pads extra large is engineered to be Larger and Stronger than standard puppy pads, the size is suitable for Puppy Supplies, Pet potty training, Aging pet assist, Travel carrier, Pet kennel, Puppy tray, Inside the car, and Prevents water/food spillage from the bowl.

Certificates Of Disposable Pet Care Products

We believe the third-party authentication and certification can provide our company and products with a public and objective appraisal. Hence, we acquired these qualifications both for our company and products for customers from different areas. Since most of our products do not require these certifications but we still apply for and get them.

ISO Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
CE Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
Organic Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
FDA Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products

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