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Disposable Adult Underpad

Disposable Adult Underpad

These thick adult disposable incontinence underpads can help protect bedding and sheets from uncontrolled bladder or urinary problems for all men, women, children or the elderly, thereby further improving confidence and sleep. The Sopure mattress is designed with a high-quality polymer layer, which helps to absorb liquid, urine or accidents faster, and locks it to help control odor and humidity. The thick mattresses of our disposable absorbent underpads for incontinence are designed with super-absorbent fluff fillers, which can be used by parents with young babies, children who have just transitioned from diapers to underwear, and adults who may be struggling with urinary incontinence. These disposable incontinence bed pads can be used every night when traveling, or any time you need extra protection while you sleep. They can be cleaned up quickly.

Types of Disposable Underpads Bulk for Sale

How Long Can An Elder Use A Disposable Underpad?

Adult incontinence bed pads are mainly used in hospital operations, gynecological examinations, maternal care, baby&child care, incontinence of the paralyzed person, and women's menstrual use, etc. As the uses of adult under pads may vary from one user to another, the use cycles may also be different. As one of the professional incontinence products manufacturers in China, Sopure recommends replacing the disposable bed underpads according to the actual situation.

How Many Underpads Does The Average Elder Use In A Day?

How Many Underpads Does The Average Elder Use In A Day?

Though it is recommended to change incontinence pads around four to six times per day, the actual changing times of the disposable incontinence bed pads may be different as people with light and serious incontinence conditions normally have different needs. And as a professional supplier of incontinence bed pads in bulk, Sopure offers diverse adult underpad series that have a varied range of absorbency abilities, sizes, and styles to suit the needs of different people. 

Safety of Sopure Disposable Underpad

Using high-quality raw material, our disposable underpads bulk is soft, safe, and non-irritative to skins. They are not only very suitable for young children or elderly hospice patients, but also for pet owners who want to help and support their elderly dogs.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Underpad

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From baby to elder people, Sopure provides varied bulk sanitary disposables including disposable baby, adult, and feminine care products to offer you care and love. If you have any enquires or request free samples, please do not hesitate to fill out the following form. We will reply by the next business day.