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Feminine Sanitary Products

Feminine Sanitary Products

Our female care products are derived from our care for women, aiming to make your loved ones more comfortable and healthy. As a leading supplier of care products, we have been listening to the opinions of women in order to improve the quality of our products. Our feminine care products cover disposable nursing pads, sanitary napkins, menstrual pants, and improve women's lives through comprehensive feminine care

As a manufacturer, we focus on ingredient and technological innovation to provide our customers with the highest quality but reasonably priced products. We provide women with a wide range of care products, all of which are made of environmentally friendly, cotton-based materials, aiming to provide women with safe and comfortable products. So our brand Sopure has become the Top 10 in China now.


What Are Female Care Items?

This is a wide range of female care items. For our factory, there are:

  • Disposable Sanitary Pads

  • Disposable Panty Liners

  • Disposable Menstrual Pants

What Are Female Care Items?
Female Care Products Quality

Female Care Products Quality

  • Fast absorption, no reverse osmosis: Natural fluffy thick fiber diversion layer is used to make the whole product fluffy and soft, and quickly divert blood

  • Soft: The surface is pure cotton, which is light and skin-friendly, not easy to pill.

  • Safe: High-quality standards, no chemical additives such as flavors are added, No toxins, chlorine, pesticides, and fragrances are used.

  • Super absorbent: 4 layer core, comfortable padding provides ultimate leakage protection and odor control. Prevent spillage and maintain freshness throughout the day, leaving you feeling dry and confident.

  • Leak locker technology: unique channel design to collect liquid and side panels for added safety

  • Additional Value: We believe our female care product can not only provide our customers with basic usage functions but also can offer additional functions for them.

  • Hypoallergenic, non-irritating cushion, which can control odor and is more breathable than cotton.

  • Packed with a new appearance, fits your body shape, provides reliable leakproof and comfort, without the use of rayon, dyes, or deodorants.

Certificates Of Feminine Sanitary Products

We believe the third-party authentication and certification can provide our company and products with a public and objective appraisal. Hence, we acquired these qualifications both for our company and products for customers from different areas. Since most of our products do not require these certifications but we still apply for and get them.

ISO Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
CE Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
Organic Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products
FDA Certificates Of Disposable Baby Care Products

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From baby to elder people, Sopure provides varied bulk sanitary disposables including disposable baby, adult, and feminine care products to offer you care and love. If you have any enquires or request free samples, please do not hesitate to fill out the following form. We will reply by the next business day.