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OEM Underpad

We have 3 basic types of Underpad for you to customize. Customized product from material to design. Each type has different features which is suitable for different markets or customer groups.
OEM Underpad Fluff pulp &SAP core
StylePE(Plain) filmPE(perforated) filmBreathable+Cloth like film
ltem NO. SJCD-01SJCD-02SJCD-04
PictureDisposable Incontinence Bed PadsDisposable Absorbent UnderpadsDisposable Underpad Manufacturers
Backsheetwhite/blue/greenwhite/greencombined with soft spunbond or hot air non-woven fabric
Liquid Distribution ChannelSesame point embossing or diamond embossing
Inner bagTransparent (Vacuum packing or not?) or colored
Outer PackageTransparent bag, nonwoven bag or carton
Size available33*45, 45*60, 45* 70, 60*60, 60*90, 80*90, 80* 150cm
OEMAbsorbency, size, surface, package and the printings of packing bag, carton, backsheet are the available customized parts

Which Parts Can be Customized

Underpad Structure
Underpad Structure
  • 1
    Grade A breathable nonwoven fabric.
  • 2
    Liquid Distribution Channel
    Sesame point embossing or 8*8/20*20cm diamond embossing ensure Instant Liquid absorbing
  • 3
    Absorbed Core
    Tissue paper, fluff pulp with or without SAP
  • 4
    PE(plain or perforated) or cloth-like, different colors for options

Note: Your colour, pattern, weight, size, material, function, private packaging can be customized as per your order.

Underpad Video

Incontinence Products
Incontinence Products

Customized Cycle of Underpad

If this is your first time to customize underpad, the below sheet may help you clear about the process and timeline.

Timeline for OEM order
  • Prework 7-15 days
    • Order details discussing

    • LOGO&bag designing

  • 5-10 days
    • Order&deposit confirmed

    • Color bag plate making

  • 7-15 days
    • Color bag producing

    • Raw materials preparing

  • 7-15 days
    • Diaper producing

    • Container booking

How to Get Free Sample from Sopure
lf you need more information about our company or free sample, please feel free to contact us.