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Disposable Hygienic Incontinence Products Wholesale

Disposable Hygienic Incontinence Products Wholesale

With the global population and economic growth, customers pay more attention to their personal care issues, which creates an increasing background for the disposable hygiene industry. The quality and quantities of high-performance disposable hygienic products, such as baby diapers, baby pants, adult incontinence diapers, adult underpads, feminine menstrual protection sanitary products, etc grow across the world.

Thanks to the technological improvements of raw materials and machines, more and more health care incontinence products have been improved greatly. The current types of incontinence products for sale in the market are much more comfortable, absorbent, and safer. As one of the professional incontinence products manufacturers in China, Sopure is committed to bringing safe and convenient personal care products to global customers. For babies, we deliver them with safe skincare cream, and baby-safe body lotion as well as more absorbent and softer diapers and pull-ups to let their parents have no worry about their babies' care issues. For the elderly, we provide them with disposable heavy-duty incontinence products, such as diapers, pants, and underpads to make them become self-confident even though they are in a severe incontinence situation. For women, we can offer them nice menstrual period protection pads, napkins, panty liners, and pants to send the best protection. We are proud of providing our disposable personal care hygienic products from 0 to 100 years old.

Types Of Incontinence Products For Sale

Bulk Sanitary Disposables From Sopure Strenghth

Providing quality disposable hygienic products, Sopure has 3 R&D teams and 3 factories. We have acquired 40+ patents up to now.

Our research area is very wide,from the equipments, fibers,absorbent core, topsheet&backsheet non-woven to the finished disposable hygienic products.

We have passed more than 200 factory audits from different customers who want to make private label contracted manufacturing at home and abroad.

We have strong sense of product details to know your demands clearly to organize different formulations to meet your different levels of disposable hygienic products.

Incontinence Products Market

Disposable Personal Care Products Innovation in the Market

In the viewpoints worldwide, the disposable personal care industry is driven by product innovation and diversity designed to reduce waste, improve absorption and allow for thinner cores and greater comfort. For disposable baby diapers, these with pulp and SAP are the traditional products in most countries, but now in East and Southeast Asia markets, baby diapers with SAP absorbent core are the trend. For disposable adult diapers, there is different customers' preference in different markets. For instance, customers in Mid-East and Africa markets prefer the thin style diapers while in Australia they like thick diapers. Price is also a key point in the selection of disposable hygienic personal care products. Different customers from different markets require different prices. So we have diversity types of incontinence products for sale to meet different price levels.

Disposable Hygienic Products OEM Production Process

After 2 decades of development, we have established a mature system for the private label contract manufacturing process, which we refer to as OEM/ODM method.


Sopure will have discussions with our customers to identify their needs for the bulk sanitary disposables so that we can provide different disposable hygienic products solutions.


Sopure will provide you with the samples in accordance with your requirements. After the customers' approval of the samples, we can confirm the prices and other transaction terms to finalize the contract.


After order confirmation, Sopure will purchase raw materials then prepare massive production. We will execute the strict quality control method during the whole process to make sure the quality of our incontinence products wholesale is in accordance with those specified in the contract.


When the disposable hygienic incontinence products are ready for shipment we will inform you for inspection then deliver.


All our resources are supporting the whole supply chain to satisfied our customers.

Disposable Hygienic Incontinence Products Wholesale FAQs


What Materials Do You Use For Disposable Incontinence Products?


Disposable incontinence products like diapers, no matter whether they are for babies or adults, are all made from non-woven fabrics, pulp, SAP, tissue, glue, elastic, PE film, etc. Materials are adjustable as per customers' requirements. As a professional manufacturer of incontinence products, Sopure will execute strict processes to make sure the safety of the raw materials and the finished incontinence products for sale.


Are Disposable Incontinence Products for Sale Made Of Plastic?


The materials of our incontinence products wholesale are all made from petrol oil except pulp fluff. They are safe and comfortable.

Contact Us for Free Samples

From baby to elder people, Sopure provides varied bulk sanitary disposables including disposable baby, adult, and feminine care products to offer you care and love. If you have any enquires or request free samples, please do not hesitate to fill out the following form. We will reply by the next business day.