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health care incontinence products patent
health care incontinence products patent

Innovation is part of our company DNA. We have 3 professional R & D centers located in 3 factories. They drive factories move forward to innovate and improve our products. Every year we launch new products and apply for numerous patents.

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SAP Core Technology

incontinence hygiene products technology
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Advantages of the Ultra Absorption Core

  • 12h Protection
    12h Protection
  • Odor Protection
    Odor Protection
  • Reusable Tape
    Reusable Tape
  • Flash Dry
    Flash Dry
  • Magical Tubes
    Magical Tubes
  • Strong Absorbing Polymer
    Strong Absorbing Polymer
  • Double-layer Absorption Core Design
    Double-layer Absorption Core Design
  • Ultra Thin High Absorption
    Ultra Thin High Absorption

The absorbent core is the heart of an absorbent hygiene material because it is responsible for retention of body wastes.

If the absorption rate of the diaper is slower than the urination rate of the baby, urine leakage will occur. On the one hand, the absorption rate of the composite is influenced by the absorption rate of the SAP. On the other hand, fast swelling of the polymer may or may not be desirable. The SAP core is made of SAP without wood pulp. The absorption rate is faster, and the wetness is near zero. It ensures super dryness and long-lasting trapping of water in SAP.