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What Are the Precautions for Using Disposable Adult Diapers?

Feb 11 , 2022

Ⅰ. The selection of disposable adult diapers

1. The absorption of disposable adult diapers

For adult diapers, because the needs of adults are small amount, frequent times, inconvenient movement, and no one takes care of them; therefore, the absorption capacity of diapers also needs to be considered, generally around 800ml, which can absorb twice urine.

2. The water absorption of disposable adult diapers

The water absorption is also the key to measuring the choice of disposable adult diapers. Because of its better water absorption, it is more convenient to use and reliable. Therefore, some high-grade fluff pulp fibers are generally composed of a mixture of polymer water-absorbing agents. The reticular diversion layer allows urine to penetrate and diffuse rapidly.

3. The comfort of disposable adult diapers

Because disposable adult diapers are close to the skin, in order to avoid large gaps, the structural design of diapers is also very important. It must be suitable for the body shape of the person wearing it. Especially the elastic grooves of the legs and waist should not be too tight, otherwise the skin will be strangled. Sometimes the size of diapers may not be exactly the same, and may vary with different manufacturers' brands. It is recommended to refer to the number marked on the outside of the package.

4. Dryness of disposable disposable adult diapers

Dryness can ensure that the skin is not red, no matter what season it is very important, long-term contact with urine in the ass is quite unfavorable to the skin.

5. Leak-proof design disposable adult diapers

The leak-proof design can prevent urine from leaking to the outside. Adults have a lot of urine. Choose the leak-proof design of diapers, that is, the frills on the inner thighs and the leak-proof frills at the waist, which can effectively prevent leakage when the amount of urine is excessive.

6. The adhesive function of disposable adult diapers is better

When using, the adhesive tape should be able to stick to the diaper tightly.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using disposable adult diapers

1. If the diapers are dirty, they should be replaced immediately. Otherwise, wearing stuffy diapers all the time is not only unhygienic, but also bad for the body.

2. After the diapers are used up, wrap the used diapers and put them in the trash can. Do not flush them in the toilet. After all, diapers are different from toilet paper and will not dissolve.

3. Sanitary napkins cannot be used to replace disposable adult diapers. Although the usage of diapers is very similar to sanitary napkins, they must not be replaced by sanitary napkins because the design of hygienic sanitary napkins is different from that of disposable adult diapers, which has a unique water absorption system.

4. Disposable adult diapers and disposable pull up pants for adults are mostly sheet-shaped when purchased, and shorts-shaped when worn. Use adhesive sheets to connect into a pair of shorts. The adhesive sheet also has the function of adjusting the waist size so as to fit different fat and thin body shapes. Therefore, pay attention to adjusting the suitability of wearing when using it.

5. Understand your own situation clearly, and prepare enough diapers when you go out, so that you won't be in a flutter when you need to use it.

Ⅲ. How to wear disposable adult diapers

1. Let the user lie on his side, spread the disposable adult diapers on the bed, with the part with the buckle as the back piece, and open the buckle on the side farther from the user.

2. Turn the user to lying flat, open the other side of the disposable adult diapers, and adjust the left and right positions appropriately so that the diapers are located directly under the user's body.

3. Pass the front piece of disposable adult diapers between the legs and stick it to the abdomen. Adjust the upper and lower positions appropriately to make the diaper fit the body completely, align with the back, and make sure that the legs and the diaper fit tightly.

4. Stick the buckle on the front waist patch area, adjust the sticking position appropriately, and again ensure that the diaper fits the body completely. It is best to adjust the three-dimensional leak-proof enclosure.