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How to Use Disposable Baby Diapers Correctly?

Feb 25 , 2022

Dry diapers can keep babies sleeping all night. Because of their strong water absorption, they are commonly known as disposable baby diapers. Therefore, it has become a daily product for babies. Although diapers are easy to use, disposable baby diapers are high-tech products, mothers sometimes don't know how to use disposable baby diapers. So mothers will ask how to use disposable baby diapers correctly.

Ⅰ. How to use disposable baby diapers correctly

How to use disposable dry overnight diaper correctly? With the progress of the times, diapers are becoming more and more convenient. From the original diapers to the current diapers, disposable baby diapers, etc. As disposable hygienic products, disposable baby diapers are loved by the majority of mummies because the baby pees but not wet. However, disposable baby diapers are also easy to cause many baby diseases because of improper use.

1. Take out and open the disposable sanitary wipes for babies.

2. Untie half the clothes to prevent the baby from catching cold. Lift the baby's knees and gently lift the baby's hips with your left hand.

3. Draw the feces into the paper diaper, dip the wet towel in warm water and wipe the hips. Girls' vulva, thigh roots, from top to bottom, especially girls. Boys should pay attention to the lower part of their genitals and around their anus. Wash the stool in a small basin, divide the anus, pat it dry with a dry towel, and apply hip cream or sesame oil once a day. We also provide unisex baby pants.

4. Take out the wet diaper with his right hand and the boy will see if his navel is wet.

5. After putting on new disposable baby diapers, gently unfold the edges of the diapers with your fingers. Flatten the back. Before the umbilical cord falls off, the back lapel of the small dress is long, turn it down and expose the umbilical cord. Save it to prevent clothes from getting wet. In addition, mothers should pay attention that in order to fix the child's diaper, a loose elastic band can be placed in the lower abdomen of the child, and the diaper can be placed under the elastic band. The elastic band should be changed frequently with the development of the baby, and should not be allergic, otherwise, it is easy to damage the baby's skin and cause infection after being wet.

Ⅱ. Why are disposable baby diapers absorb urine but not wet?

The water absorption capacity of disposable baby diapers is super strong. Just like rice cooked in water, it ripens rice. Although rice grains contain a lot of water, because this water will not flow out; Knead flour and water into a dough. No matter how you squeeze the dough by hand, you can't squeeze out water. It can be seen that substances such as rice and flour have strong water-holding capacity. The chemical component of rice and flour is starch. It is mainly a long-chain polymer compound with many atoms that can be close to water. Therefore, water molecules are quite easy to be attracted to the long chain of its molecules and squeezed between the long chain molecules, so as to expand and integrate the rice grains. Except under extremely dry conditions, the water cannot be squeezed out. Many synthetic polymer materials generally have the above water absorption properties, such as polyvinyl alcohol.

If they are coated on soft cloth, they can be made into disposable baby diapers. For example, a water-retaining material called starch polyoxyethylene can be used on some disposable baby diaper products, which connects starch molecules and polyoxyethylene molecules to become longer molecules. Theoretically, the water absorption of this material can reach 460 times its own weight. In other words, applying 50g of this material to disposable baby diapers can absorb 23kg of water and 35kg of normal saline. There are also disposable baby diapers, which do not easily lose water under pressure. That is, when under a little pressure, the absorbed water cannot flow out. In fact, just absorb about 1kg of urine. At this time, the water retaining material on disposable baby diapers will not change greatly. Therefore, in Chinese pronunciation we call it Absorb urine without getting wet, it is well deserved.