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The Advantages of Disposable Diapers

Mar 08 , 2022

Nappies are disposable products. It is made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, wool pulp, high polymer water absorbent resin, PE film, rubber band and other materials. There are two kinds for children and adults.

Cotton diapers are made from cotton or gauze or can be purchased directly. Disposable nappies are convenient, easy to use, collapsible, and do not require pins or plastic underpants, but are more expensive for long-term use.

Ⅰ. Two types of disposable diapers

The two-piece has an absorbent pad tucked into a specially designed plastic panty. A suit is a panty like diaper with an adjustable waistline to make sure it fits the right size.

On the plus side, many types of disposable nappies don't have to be washed and hung out, and they don't have to be changed frequently. They get a good night's sleep for mom and baby, and they're easy to use when going out. Dry diaper overnight can only be used once, are not environmentally friendly and are more expensive for long-term use.

Ⅱ. The advantages of disposable diapers

Disposable diapers (diapers) do have many advantages. It is of strong water absorption, and a small amount of urine is quickly sucked dry. The child does not feel wet, so crying is less.

It also eliminates the need to wash diapers or get up to change them at night, so some parents think it's worth the extra money.

Traditional cotton diapers are comfortable but cumbersome to wash. Disposable diapers are convenient but expensive to use by the dozen. Parents need to understand the pros and cons of different diapers to make a plan for their baby.

From the point of view of advantage, pure cotton is of unique comfort, and permeability is better. The baby's soft bottom is comfortably wrapped in a soft cotton diaper. At the same time, cotton diapers are cheaper and can be reused, which is really a real economic benefit. As a reliable and responsible hygiene products factory, we are glad to help you.

Ⅲ. The use of disposable diapers

The use of dry safe pull ups for babies was a very rare thing 10 years ago, but now it is very common. It not only has practical and convenient advantages, but also has great benefits for children's mental health and personality development.

Infants in the 2-3 years old stage of the body's psychologically sensitive parts are mainly around the anus, and children in the cultivation of normal stool habits to meet their psychological needs moderately. If the parents in this stage for the baby's defecation control is too strict or too wide, it may affect their adult mental health. Too strict control will make the future personality become stingy conservative, strict, or too fastidious Too much control will lead to a sloppy, disorganized, wasteful, slovenly personality.

Disposable diapers find a reasonable degree for young parents how to grasp the "excrement", no longer to their own wishes to replace the actual needs of the baby, to give children "random pull" conditions, so that they naturally get physical and psychological aspects of the comprehensive satisfaction.