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Opportunities and Challenges for Adult Incontinence Products

Jan 04 , 2022

At present, the main types of sanitary absorbent products include women's sanitary products, baby diaper products, and adult incontinence products. Among them, women's hygiene products have the highest market penetration, newborn disposable diapers have the largest consumption of nonwovens, and adult incontinence products have the fastest growth rate. The rapid growth of adult incontinence products is mainly due to the low base point of its market penetration. Even in developed countries, adult incontinence products are far from reaching the popularization level of women's hygiene products and baby diaper products. Therefore, it reflects rapid development and has a huge potential market. With the aging trend of the world population, the number and proportion of people over 60 years old are increasing year by year, and various types of adult nappy liners will become more and more obvious. So how to cure and solve the problem of incontinence has become a problem of more and more attention. At the same time, the growth trend of adult incontinence has also brought an opportunity for the rapid development of adult incontinence products.

1. Development of adult incontinence products

With the aging of the world population and the increase of the incontinence population year by year, manufacturers of disposable absorbent sanitary products are trying to develop new products that can meet the needs of incontinence. These new adult incontinence products can not only meet the requirements of incontinence performance, but also meet the requirements of hygiene, comfort, aesthetics, and different gender and age.

As an adult pull up pants factory, we are professional in this field. In the disposable absorbent product market for urinary incontinence, a major trend is adult incontinence supplies. With the development of bladder control pads, incontinence pads, and protective pads, these products are increasingly penetrating the market where women's sanitary pads and other absorbent materials are usually used. Retractable underwear is a strong growth trend. Wearing such shorts can enhance the sense of dignity of incontinence people. In Europe and America, the biggest market for incontinence products is family venues. But the demand for them in the professional field is also growing. Male adult incontinence products, which are well-designed and continuously improved in practicability, are also a product trend. The trend of continuous growth is the use of the appropriate volume of absorbent products as preventive measures for people receiving medical measures (such as surgical or drug treatment) to reduce or cure incontinence symptoms.

2. Global adult incontinence products market by product types

The global adult incontinence products market is projected to grow significantly in the coming years. This is due to the increasing prevalence of incontinence in adults, particularly among the elderly, as well as the growing awareness about the available incontinence solutions. The market is segmented by product type, which includes adult diapers, pads, pants, and other products. Adult diapers are the most popular product type, followed by pads and pants. The products provide superior comfort and protection, making them an ideal solution for adults with incontinence. With the increasing demand for disposable hygienic products, manufacturers are focusing on innovation and product differentiation to gain a competitive edge in the market.

3. Potential challenges for adult incontinence products

Absorbent products for incontinence and drugs for incontinence will have substantial growth opportunities in the next five years. The overall potential market penetration will remain low, even in relatively mature markets such as the United States, Canada, and Europe. The incontinence and incontinence population are obviously growing, and improved absorbent products are replacing old-fashioned absorbent products; The disposable adult diapers and incontinence drugs with fewer side effects are also replacing traditional less effective drugs. Recently, drugs from absorbent products and improved drugs from the pharmaceutical industry are expanding the whole market and may become complementary to each other, rather than just competition. However, in the long future, if drugs and other treatment methods are developed to completely cure incontinence diseases, these medical solutions may become a threat to the industry of incontinence absorbent products. In this market, the progress of the pharmaceutical industry will be paid more attention to by absorbent product producers.