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Tips for Using Newborn Diapers

Jun 15 , 2022

How many diapers does a baby change in a day? If you're a new mom or dad, chances are you're a little shocked at how often newborns change diapers. Whether you're using cloth or paper diapers, you're likely to use thousands of newborn diapers in the first year of your baby's life. Today we will share a simple and practical article, list some common problems when using newborn diapers, and teach you how to easily deal with newborn diaper problems.

1. How many newborn diapers does the baby need?

Whether you're going to use newborn night time diapers, or a combination of the two, the first question is about how many per day you'll need. We consulted with moms, dads, and pediatricians, and their guesses were very similar: Expect to use 10-12 tablets per day. Of course, every baby's situation is different. Some babies pee and poop more frequently; others don't. It is normal for your baby to use the normal amount. We have relevant products for your choice, such as 3 month old baby dry diaper overnight.

2. What size newborn diaper should I use?

Cloth diapers are usually only one size. For diapers, it is not easy to tell which size of diaper your baby is using. Diaper sizes are divided by body weight, but there is some overlap in the weights at different sizes. For example, if your baby weighs about 22 pounds, buy a domestic size M; a baby weighing 14-26 pounds, buy a domestic L size; a baby weighing 20-34 pounds, buy a domestic XL size.

Parents recommend that you choose the right size for your baby, and when buying dry safe pull ups, make sure that the diapers won't catch your baby's thighs. If you're constantly leaking urine, it's likely that you'll need to use a diaper one size larger or smaller.

3. How to prevent rash caused by newborn diapers?

(1) Change diapers more frequently than usual.

(2) If possible, leave your baby's butt open for a while when changing diapers.

(3) When changing diapers, use fragrance-free breast milk soap and warm water to wash your baby's butt. Fragrance and deodorant soaps are harmful to baby's skin.

(4) If you use baby wipes, choose fragrance-free, alcohol- and chemical-free wipes.

(5) When washing baby clothes, do not use softener, anti-static or aromatic laundry soap, these things may cause diaper rash.

(6) Pay attention to your baby's diet.

4. Treatment of rash caused by newborn diapers

As one of responsible hygiene products manufacturers, we are willing to share with you professional information.

(1) Over-the-counter zinc oxide ointment can eliminate diaper rash.

(2) Diaper rash caused by inflammation and allergies can be relieved by using mild topical zinc oxide ointment or petrolatum ointment.

(3) Diaper rash caused by a bacterial infection - usually caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus - which can appear as a red rash or sometimes herpes. Medication is required at this time. Your pediatrician may prescribe antibiotics for you.

(4) For neonatal diaper rash caused by yeast infection, the baby's physician may recommend the use of a prescription topical antibacterial ointment. If the situation is serious, be sure to seek medical attention immediately.