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How to Choose a Diaper for a Newborn? How Much Do You Need to Prepare?

Jul 01 , 2022

There are various diapers on the market, and how to choose the one that best suits the baby has become the most troublesome thing for novice parents. The most important consideration when purchasing a newborn diaper is good air permeability, followed by dry appearance and fit to the butt. But in fact, the focus of diaper choices for babies of different months and ages is different.

Ⅰ. The choice of newborn diapers for different months and ages

0-5 months: focus on softness

The skin of newborns is sensitive and very delicate, so mothers should not only pay attention to thickness and water absorption strength when purchasing newborn diapers, but also choose soft and breathable diapers. High-quality newborn disposable diaper pads are comfortable, soft, and comfortable to the touch without irritating your baby's skin.

6-12 months: focus on elasticity and fitness

At this time, the baby likes to crawl around, and there are more leakages and side leakages. Mothers are more concerned about the all-around comfort of newborn diapers. The newborn diaper can perfectly match the baby's movements and allow them to move freely.

In addition, as the age increases, the baby's food intake begins to increase, and the amount of excretion also increases. If you want to keep 6 month old dry diaper overnight, newborn diapers need to be changed frequently to keep the baby's butt dry at all times, the baby's butt is comfortable and the mood is better.

Ⅱ. Tips for choosing a newborn diaper for your baby

Since we provide premium baby care products, we would like to help you choose the best one.

1. Penetration

When selecting a newborn diaper, it is necessary to focus on whether the urine can quickly penetrate into the newborn diaper and reduce the time that the child's little butt is soaked in urine.

2. Air permeability

Softness and breathability are the keys to choosing a diaper, because it is directly related to whether the baby will have a red butt. If the diaper is in a wet state, it will inevitably affect the air permeability. The baby's little butt is stuffy in an airtight place, and it will inevitably feel uncomfortable, especially in summer.

3. Fit

The most basic requirement for newborn overnight diapers is to fit the small buttocks. The most important thing is the softness and degree of the diaper. The baby's skin is delicate, and the little butt is in contact with the diaper for a long time, so a soft fit is the most basic requirement.

Ⅲ. How much is suitable for newborn diapers?

As a company dealing with bulk sanitary disposables, we would like to remind you that how many newborn diapers are prepared is a concern of many newborn parents. How much do you need to prepare a newborn diaper to be more economical?

1. Choose a diaper of the right size. Different lengths correspond to babies of different weights.

2. Distinguish day and night: how much the newborn diaper is prepared should be subdivided into day and night. Basically, it needs to be changed 10-15 times during the day, and 2-4 times at night. As the baby grows, the number of replacements will gradually decrease accordingly.