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Is It Necessary to Buy Baby Shampoo for Children? What Happens with Adult Shampoo?

Sep 14 , 2022

Newborn babies are less active and only need water to clean the scalp. But as the baby gets older, shampoo becomes an essential daily necessity.

But some mothers still use adult shampoo when shampooing their baby's hair, but they don't know how serious it is to the baby when the whole family shares it.

Not only as a company producing disposable hygienic products, but also we are a company deal with baby products. Some people may think that this is a bit of a fuss: Is it necessary to be so particular about shampoo, and can the ordinary shampoo we usually use be washed for children?

Ⅰ. Can children use adult shampoo?

1. As far as the baby itself is concerned:

(1) The baby's scalp is thin, and harmful substances are easy to penetrate. The baby's head is not yet fully developed, the scalp is thin and tender, and it is easy to absorb some penetrating substances applied to it;

2. The baby's head area is large, and the chance of infection is high. The baby has a big head and a small body, and the head skin occupies a large area of the entire body surface skin. Relatively speaking, the infiltrating substances are absorbed more.

Baby shampoos usually require nothing more than a clean, irritating free. However, adult shampoos often distinguish different types according to hair quality and needs, such as oil control and dandruff, soft and shiny, etc.

2. The cleaning power of oil control and dandruff is too strong

Children's hair is relatively fine and soft, and oil-control anti-dandruff shampoos have too strong cleaning ability, which will not only damage the hair that is not strong but may also take away too much oil and natural moisturizing factors on the scalp, resulting in the dry and itchy scalp.

3. Soft and shiny grease is too thick

Soft and shiny shampoos for damaged hair will contain a certain amount of oil, which may be too heavy for children, not only causing the hair to quickly become greasy but also causing excessive weight on the scalp grease burden.

4. The ingredients are not mild enough

Just like when choosing baby oil you need to read natural baby oil recipe carefully, it is the same when choosing baby shampoo. Adult shampoos have relatively low irritant requirements. Not only do they contain a lot of flavors and pigments, but also preservatives usually do not deliberately choose a mild system.

Excessive alkalinity will destroy the sebum of the baby's scalp. Parents should choose a neutral, moisturizing, fragrance-free shampoo (preferably pure natural ingredients). In addition, the more powerful the shampoo, the more "side effects" it means.

Even though these ingredients may not be irritating enough to have a great impact on a child's scalp, As one of good hygienic products manufacturing companies, we believe children are prone to water running into their eyes when washing their hair, especially when rinsing foam. Choosing a less irritating formula can minimize eye damage.

Ⅱ. Can I use the baby shampoo and bath 2-in-1 product for my child?

The use of the two-in-one baby shampoo and shower gel avoids the constant replacement of the cleaning solution during the bathing process, and the two products do not need to be used staggered. So the Kids Shampoo & Body Wash 2-in-1 is perfect for moms looking for easy steps.

However, as children's hair grows thicker and thicker, it is difficult for a two-in-one shampoo and bath product to meet the different needs of hair and skin at the same time. Because the cleaning of hair and skin is not the same. The hair is always exposed, and the cleaning power of the shampoo is higher, and some ingredients that can repair the hair need to be added at the same time. Many two-in-one products cannot take into account this.

Therefore, it is recommended to use baby shampoo to remove hair color for children whose hair has grown lush.

Ⅲ. How to choose baby shampoo?

1. Avoid these ingredients:

The first thing to avoid is dioxane.

It is not recommended to buy the dioxane ingredient in baby shampoo. Its surface activity is too strong, and long-term use will cause damage to the skin, and even cause skin allergies and itching. After all, the baby's skin is so fragile, it is better to stay away from this easily allergenic ingredient when selecting baby body care products like baby shampoo.

Followed by flavors and colors.

The baby's scalp is quite sensitive, and it is easy to be allergic to flavors and fragrance ingredients, especially chemically synthesized interface active agents (preservatives, flavors, and pigments). Because of their strong degreasing power, artificial fragrances and pigments are easier to be absorbed by the human body, causing damage to hair follicles and affecting healthy hair growth.

2. These ingredients can have:

Amphoteric or non-ionic surfactants such as betaines and glucosides are mild and not overly cleansing, making them a good ingredient choice for baby shampoos. In addition, products containing water-soluble moisturizing ingredients such as amino acids and polyols can also prevent excessive drying of the scalp after washing.