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If the Diapers Are Not Changed Frequently, the Baby is Prone to Red Butt!

Sep 07 , 2022

The baby diapers that babies use now are convenient and hygienic. Mothers only need to throw away the used diapers, and there is no need to "wash diapers" at all.

However, many mothers only care about whether the diapers are full, but seldom care about how often they should be changed.

In fact, the dry diaper overnight needs to be changed frequently even if they are not full. Otherwise, there will be a lot of problems with babies' butts.

If the diaper is not changed frequently, the baby always has a red butt. Some studies have pointed out that the incidence of baby diaper rash is as high as 35%. Especially when the weather gets hot, the risk of baby red buttocks is greatly increased.

1. The baby diapers are not changed frequently, and the baby always has a red butt

The main function of diapers is to "hold the stool and keep the urine out", but the main cause of red butt (diaper rash) is that the stool and urine accumulated in the diaper are irritating to the baby's delicate buttocks.

The stratum corneum of infants and young children is 30% thinner than that of adults. If diapers are not changed frequently, the accumulation of feces and urine will cause the buttocks to become wet. The long-term humid environment will destroy the natural weak acid protective film on the baby's buttocks. The stratum corneum is easily abraded and penetrated by irritants, which can eventually damage and even inflame the skin.

Frequent changing of diapers is the best way to avoid your baby's red butt. However, many parents find it difficult to guarantee the word "diligence" for various reasons. "Not working" or "overworking" is not advisable, and the specific time still needs to be arranged according to the actual situation of the baby.

2. When baby diapers are not absorbent, they should be changed frequently

If the diaper you choose is of good quality and has strong water-absorbing and water-locking ability, you can use it for a while, but if the unisex baby pants you choose are slightly weak in water absorption and dryness, even if you only urinate once, the amount is not much, and you have to change it.

Especially when the weather is hot, the baby will sweat, and the risk of a red butt will increase. If the diaper has good water absorption and is in a relatively dry state, and the baby does not feel uncomfortable, it is advisable to change it every 2 hours or so.

3. Change baby diapers frequently when the baby poops

When your baby has a bowel movement, you should immediately change the diaper, no matter if the amount is too much or not.

However, when urinating, you don't need to be so frequent. It depends on the amount. The amount of urine is small, and the water absorption of the diaper is relatively good, so there is no need to replace it, it is also recommended to replace the baby.

4. Small-month-old babies should frequently change baby diapers

Under normal circumstances, newborn babies hardly store urine because their bladders are not fully developed, so babies urinate more frequently every day, so they need to change dry safe pull ups more frequently.

Parents can change the diaper as appropriate in about 2 hours according to the baby diaper urination line prompt and the baby's sensitivity.

With the increase of the baby's age, the bladder development tends to be perfect, the interval between urination and defecation will be longer, and the defecation will be more regular. Parents can feel the "bulging" of the diapers based on their experience, or smell the smell, and basically change the baby diapers in about 3-4 hours depending on the situation.

5. Change baby diapers frequently when the ambient temperature is high

As we all know, hot weather is more conducive to bacterial reproduction, and the humid environment where urine and feces are mixed in baby diapers is a "paradise" for bacterial reproduction.

Therefore, in the case of high weather or indoor temperature, it is necessary to observe the baby's defecation more often, change the baby diapers frequently, and keep the little butt dry and comfortable.

Therefore, in the case of hot weather, parents should pay more attention to the baby's defecation. Keeping the baby's butt dry and making the baby feel comfortable is the most important.

The ambient temperature, in addition to the weather, also the indoor temperature. If the indoor temperature is too high, it is also recommended to change diapers frequently. If the weather is relatively cold, although the frequency of replacement is not as frequent as when the temperature is high, it also needs to be determined according to the defecation situation of the baby.