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Market Development of Disposable Diapers and Its Impact on Children

Apr 22 , 2022

Before the baby is born, parents should prepare all the necessities for him. A diaper is indispensable. Now, disposable diapers have already replaced cloth diapers and become the first choice for young parents.

Ⅰ. The development of disposable diapers in the market

The skin of the newborn is delicate, so the baby dry diaper overnight should be changed as soon as it is wet, otherwise there will be "red buttocks", that is, diaper dermatitis. Generally, prepare at least 30 pieces for timely replacement. Dirty diapers, especially diapers with stool, should be brushed off first, then soaked in soap powder solution, scrubbed, rinsed, and washed with boiled water (preferably boiled for 10 to 20 minutes), and then dried in the sun.

Some parents like to wrap a piece of plastic paper on the outer layer of the cloth diaper to prevent the urine from getting the clothes wet, but this makes the moisture can not penetrate, and it is easy to make the baby's skin red and eroded. If some parents like to use this method, they must always check whether the diaper is wet and change it in time. Some parents depend on using sanitary wipes for babies, which indeed can keep babies clean and comfortable for a while, but it cannot solve the problem in the long term.

At present, there are newborn disposable diapers on the market. Some parents think that disposable diapers are more convenient although the price is higher. Changing 3 to 4 pieces a day can solve the problem, and there is no trouble in cleaning diapers.

Indeed, dry safe pull ups have their advantages, such as good water absorption. A small amount of urine is quickly sucked in, the child does not have wet feeling, and the number of crying is reduced. But when urine accumulates to a certain extent, it can still come into contact with the skin. If it is not replaced in time, eczema will appeared on the skin of the child's buttocks over time, and even superficial ulcers and sometimes secondary bacterial or fungal infections will also occur.

Ⅱ. The Impact of disposable nappies on Children

The salt in the urine can also irritate your child's delicate skin as it evaporates. If a baby is allergic to the chemical fibers in disposable diapers, it can cause severe dermatitis. If the baby is not detected in time after defecation, the bacteria in the stool can invade the urethra (especially girls) and cause an ascending urinary tract infection, which has a greater impact on the child's health.

Therefore, we, as a responsible and reliable company producing disposable hygienic products, recommend using cloth diapers for children during the day. Once the diaper is wet, it can be changed in time to keep the skin of the buttocks dry. Disposable diapers can be used at night according to conditions, therefore, parents and children can have a good rest, and the child's urine output is not much at night. Bringing disposable nappies when you go out can also keep you away from many troubles.

Disposable nappies have helped young parents how to assist children to excrete to a certain degree. They no longer replace the actual needs of babies with their own wishes, but give children a condition of "excreting at will", so that they can naturally be satisfied physiologically and psychologically.

Although there is a certain distance between people's lifestyles and esoteric psychological theories, it can not put a specific theory into practice in everything. If parents can be more in line with the objective laws of medicine, psychology, and sociology in the process of raising their children, our descendants will be able to be nurtured into a new generation in an all-around way with good health physically and mentally.