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What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Diapers?

May 05 , 2022

1. Make sure baby diapers won't stretch the baby's thighs

If your baby is constantly leaking urine, then the baby is likely to need a baby diaper that is one size larger or smaller. Shujie provides various sizes of diapers even including disposable pull up pants for adults.

2. Diaper rash in baby diapers: prevention and treatment

Diaper rash is an allergic reaction. Using a diaper for too long and eating too much solid food can cause your baby to develop a diaper rash.

3. How to prevent diaper rash in baby diapers?

(1) Change baby diapers more frequently than usual.

(2) If possible, keep your baby's butt open for a while when changing baby diapers.

(3) When changing disposable baby diapers, use fragrance-free breast milk soap and warm water to wash your baby's butt. Fragrance and deodorant soaps are harmful to the baby's skin.

(4) If you use baby wipes, choose fragrance-free, alcohol- and chemical-free wipes.

(5) When washing cloth diapers and baby clothes, do not use softeners, or anti-static or aromatic laundry soaps, which may cause diaper rash.

(6) Do not let your baby eat any food that may aggravate diaper rash.

We also provide unisex baby pants for your convenience.

4. Treatment of diaper rash in baby diapers

(1) Over-the-counter zinc oxide ointment can eliminate diaper rash.

(2) Diaper rash caused by inflammation and allergies can be relieved by using mild topical zinc oxide ointment or petrolatum ointment.

(3) Diaper rash caused by bacterial infection is usually caused by Staphylococcus or Streptococcus and can appear as a red rash or sometimes herpes. Medication is required at this time. A pediatrician may prescribe antibiotics.

(4) For diaper rash caused by a yeast infection, the baby's physician may recommend the use of a prescription topical antibacterial ointment.

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