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5 Common Misconceptions About Diapers

Mar 27 , 2023

In the category of consumer goods for mothers and babies, China baby diapers are number one, even ahead of formula (after all, there is still a large group of breastfeeding mothers). Today we will talk about the "blame" that diaper companies have faced in recent years.

Misunderstanding 1: Are China baby diapers of poor quality because they leak?

The common scene for diaper leaks is at night, with three possibilities: the diaper size doesn't fit properly, it wasn't put on correctly, or it exceeded the maximum water absorption capacity of the diaper. In short, incorrect sizing, improper use, and overloading are the culprits.

Misunderstanding 2: Do China baby diapers cause diaper rash?

The real culprit for diaper rash is the irritation caused by urine and feces on a baby's delicate skin. Because the skin is immersed in urine and feces for extended periods of time, bacteria can easily grow and inflame the skin, resulting in diaper rash. Careful observation of the urine display strip on China baby diapers can help parents know when to change the diaper.

Companies like Shujie devote to producing premium baby care products. Diapers cannot absorb the solid matter in a child's stool, so parents must quickly check, clean, dry, and change the diaper when they notice the child has a bowel movement.

For children who are 1 year or older and can walk, parents can opt to have them wear fewer diapers during the day in the summer, and change them immediately when wet. However, this method is not suitable for public places.

Misunderstanding 3: Does wearing China baby diapers lead to bowlegs?

If you observe newborns closely, you'll see that their legs aren't straight; this is because fetuses curl up in the womb. From birth until 2 years old, a child's legs appear slightly curved, which is a normal physical development characteristic that has nothing to do with wearing diapers. And we also can find unisex baby pants in the market considering the comfort level.

As children get older, their legs will gradually transition from being inwardly turned to normal, and then inwardly turned again before becoming normal.

Misunderstanding 4: Do China baby diapers that clump up mean they are bad?

Clumping is a result of the excessive mixing of fluff pulp and high-absorbency polymers.

If the clumps are hard, it indicates that the high-absorbing polymer content is high and the fluff pulp is less, which is a design problem.

If the clumps are soft, it indicates that the ratio of fluff pulp and high-absorbing polymers is balanced, and it generally does not affect the child's mobility, but parents must quickly change the diaper. And if you choose Shujie, you will find that we also provide dry diaper overnight.

Misunderstanding 5: Are pull-up diapers better than tape-style China baby diapers?

No, both types of diapers are essentially the same and meet different needs of children at different stages of growth and development. Tape-style China baby diapers are preferred for infants who cannot sit or stand on their own, as they spend most of their time lying down, making it more convenient to change diapers.