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New Baby Pants Production Line Arrived Our Hangzhou Factory In Aug.2021

Dec 02 , 2021

We have purchased a new production line for disposable baby pants this year. In August, this new line arrived at our Hangzhou Shujie factory.

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New machines on the trucks

This new machine is specially designed to upgrade the waist structure of baby pants including baby dry diapers overnight to a better accordion structure, which can improve the traditional styles of waist belts without glue and odorless, making the waist area of pants softer. At the same time, the speed of this new line is about 550pcs/min, which will increase our production capacity at 160 million pieces every year.

In recent years, with the technological development of diaper machines in China, disposable baby diapers wholesale products have had different trends. Shujie company acquired this trend to invest in new machines in order to improve the quality of baby pants to provide customers at home and abroad with premium baby care products.

As a leading manufacturer in the disposable hygienic products industry, we will follow the industrial trends to invest in more production lines in the future to send our love and care to every family!

Welcome to visit us for more information. We will provide you with the full ODM service to reach a win-to-win result!

New Baby Pants Production Line Arrived Our Hangzhou Factory In Aug.2021

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