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Current Situation of Disposable Hygienic Products

Dec 21 , 2021

In 2020, the covid-19 pandemic spread all over the world and bring incredible difficulties to international trade. All industries are involved in this serious situation now and it is shown that this economic crisis has not been over yet.

Now as one of the most responsible disposable adult pull up pants factories, we face the following difficulties:

1 The cost of raw materials of our bulk sanitary disposables increased by over 50%. Because most of our raw materials are from petrol oil and with the costs increased, now the SAP costs increased 100% compared to the beginning of 2021. Costs of Non-woven fabrics, PE film, and polybags all relative to plastics also increased by 5%--30%, including adult plastic nappies. What is worse, we do not know when this bad situation will be over.

2 The crazy sea freight. Generally speaking, the sea freight for a 40' GP from China to the USA is about USD 3000. But during this crazy year, the peak freight reached USD 22000! Due to the pandemic, we estimated from Jan. 2022 to June.2022, the sea freight will not decrease and many overseas customers will watch on and stop placing orders.

We hope this serious pandemic will be over soon and the whole world will be in order again.

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