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Sichuan Shujie Company Busy With Production End Of This Year-2021

Sep 09 , 2021

Now 2021 year will be passed, many factories are busy with production for the last 2 months. Sichuan Shujie Company is also in this situation.

On Nov.12 when we enter Sichuan Shujie, they show the busy production to us.

Disposable Baby Diaper Liners Factory

In the workplace, there are 3 production lines full of speed to prompt the production task to meet the order requirements such as for premium baby care products.

In the Southwest area of China, there are a few factories to produce disposable personal care products. But their population is large and with the local economical development, the demands will be increasing very fast. That is why we decide to establish a factory for disposable hygienic products here. Said Mr. Ding, CEO of Shujie company.

We hope our esteemed customers visit us and have wonderful cooperation together.

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