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Mosquito Bite Cream For Baby

In some countries, especial in African areas, due to the climate, there are so many babies and children who have the risk of biting by mosquitoes, which will cause discomfort for them. Given this situation, we are dedicated to developing baby oil cream for mosquitoes to smooth and let your babies and children feel comfortable. Our baby oil cream lotion mosquito contains natural ingredients and useful elements for skins, that can refresh and soothe after mosquito biting. Cream baby oil mosquito repellent is suitable for all skin types. Creamy baby oil mosquito repellent can also be used for other inserts bites on the skins. We persist in selecting safe, healthy ingredients at affordable prices for customers. Through baby oil cream mosquito repellent, we deliver our company's philosophy to customers all over the world.

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Baby Oil Cream for Mosquitoes

Specification of Mosquito Bite Cream for Baby

Product NameDescriptionNet Weight(g/pack)PackageCarton Size(cm)Gross Weight(Kgs/Ctn)MOQ(PC)Unit Price(USD/PC) FOB
SSC-Mosquito Bite Cream For BabyMoisturize and nourish the skins;
Treat Mosquito Bites
151pcs/box, 72 boxes/carton38*28*22820000US$0.45--US$1.35
IngredientsLithospermum erythrorhizo extractive, camellia oil, Wheat bud glyceride , Mint Extract,butyrospermum parkii etc

Features of Mosquito Bite Cream for Baby

Features of Mosquito Bite Cream for Baby

  • Natural ingredients can make sure safety and healthy;

  • Nourish and moisturize the babies' skins;

  • Special treatment for mosquitoes and other insects bites;

  • Vegan&Cruetly-free ingredients;

  • Suitable for all types of skin use.

How to Use Mosquito Bite Cream for Baby?

How to Use Mosquito Bite Cream for Baby?


After bathing or cleaning, put on some cream on the surface of the babies' skin area bitten by mosquitoes or other insects. After use, please keep this product in air-free conditions avoid direct sunshine.

Suitable People of Mosquito Bite Cream for Baby

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