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Disposable Sanitary Pads

Disposable Sanitary Pads

Sopure sanitary napkins have an open weave design and super absorbent holes, which can instantly lock in moisture and keep the skin clean, dry and soft. Our pads are perfect for women who want to provide comprehensive protection during menstruation and you will always want to take these monthly and postpartum necessities with you. We provide sanitary napkins with different styles and structures to meet the needs of different consumers. Natural, organic, silky surface, lightness, and breathability are the biggest features of these sanitary napkins. And these sanitary napkins are ultra-thin and flexible to maximize comfort and coverage while being firmly fixed and allowing your skin to breathe.

The soft, fast-absorbing material provides maximum comfort and night protection. Our adhesive gently fixes the inner liner to the underwear to ensure it is firm and will not shift. No matter which way you toss and turn, you will get maximum side leakage protection.

Types of Disposable Sanitary Napkin

How Long Can a Woman Wear a Disposable Sanitary Napkin?

Generally, the menstrual blood volume is relatively large at the beginning of menstruation. It is recommended to change it every two hours. By the middle of the menstrual period, the menstrual blood volume will gradually decrease, and it can be changed every three hours. You can use a mini towel or pad at the end of your menstrual period, but you should change it in time. Four hours is better. Avoid too long, airtight, and easy to breed some bacteria.

How Many Disposable Sanitary Napkin Does the Average Woman Use in a Day?

How Many Disposable Sanitary Napkin Does the Average Woman Use in a Day?

Generally speaking, the normal menstrual bleeding volume should be 20-60ml, more than 80ml is defined as excessive menstrual volume. Estimated according to the normal amount, the average amount of menstruation in the first two days is 7-8 pieces per day, and the average is 4-5 pieces per day in the later period. Of course, you can adjust according to your own situation, but please remember that each tablet should not be used for too long.

Sopure Disposable Sanitary Pads Safety

Sopure series female care: sanitary napkins, pads and menstrual pants are designed to prevent leakage, no rashes, irritation, and breathable fresh, comfortable and secure. The cotton-enhanced breathable outer layer can absorb moisture and help your Keep skin dry and comfortable. All Made of hypoallergenic, ultra-soft and breathable sheets, it can reduce unpleasant odors and irritation, while providing the highest level of menstrual protection for women of all ages and menstrual flow types.

No chlorine, no fragrance, no synthetic dyes, no chemicals and no irritation!

Sopure Disposable Sanitary Pads Safety

Is Sanitary Pads Business Profitable

The answer is yes, according to Statista statistics, the global retail scale of feminine hygiene products from 2015 to 2020 is increasing year by year. In 2015, the market size of the global feminine sanitary napkin industry was 32 billion US dollars. In 2020, the global feminine sanitary napkin industry market size was 37 billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of 2.95%.

There are many female consumers of the right age in the world, which shows that the market capacity is huge. From the analysis of the development of the international women's sanitary napkin market, we know that sanitary napkins can be basically divided into three categories according to the economic development of each country. Judging from the market penetration rates of the three types of countries, the sanitary napkin consumer groups in developing and underdeveloped countries still have great growth potential.

How Sanitary Pads Are Disposed

Sanitary pads should never be flushed down the toilet because it may clog the drainage system and lead to flooding of the toilet. After use, a disposable sanitary pad should be wrapped in a news paper or waste paper and put in a garbage bin It is also necessary to dispose of the contents of the garbage bin promptly because if the sanitary pad is left in the garbage bin for a long time, then the menstrual fluid on these disposed products may get contaminated with germs and emit a foul smell. Hence, first it is necessary to keep the garbage bin covered to prevent the foul smell from spreading in your house and secondly, the contents of the garbage bin should be disposed of promptly to prevent spread of diseases by flies and other insects that gather around these garbage bins.

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