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Disposable G-String Panty Liners

Sopure panty liner is made of breathable cotton, which has natural absorption and safety for sensitive skin. The inner liner stays in place-keep the adhesive lightly fixed to the panties, allowing you to move freely with confidence. Super soft cover-the incredibly soft cover provides non-sense protection to meet all your unexpected feminine care needs. Ultra-thin and completely comfortable: Our panty linings are designed for everyday wear. They are thin but not stingy in leak-proofing. Perfect optical flow or any time you want an extra line of defense. Separate packaging, protection anytime, anywhere, will not slow down your speed. Individually packaged for ultimate portability.

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G String Panty Liners
G String Liners
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Specification of Disposable G-string Panty Liners

Item No.Product NameProduct DescriptionNet Weight(g/pc)PackageCarton Size(cm)Gross Weight(Kgs/Ctn)Unit Price(FOB Ningbo) USD/PC
G150-40P150 # Panty Liner (Disposable G-String Panty Liners)Top sheet: Air-through Non-woven Fabric;
Middle sheet:Air-Laid
Back sheet:PE film;
Wrapped:Non-woven fabric
2.540pcs/bag, 60bags/carton40*30*305.80.015-0.016
TopsheetAir-through Non-woven Fabric
BacksheetPE film
IngredientsAir-through Non-woven Fabric, Air-Laid, PE film

SizeAbsorbency(ml)(pure water)Absorbency--30ml pure water

Features of Disposable G-string Panty Liners

Features of Disposable G-string Panty Liners

  • Irritation-Free Fit--The sanitary pads feature soft, flexible edges, Reliable, long-lasting adhesive that keeps our feminine pads firmly in place;

  • Comfortable Construction--Finished in an innovative shape, our maxi pads provide an optimal fit; A moisture-wicking top sheet keeps you dry and feeling fresh;

  • Traps Leaks Fast--Dry core locks in fluids fast;

  • All Day Odor Control--Neutralizes odor for all-day freshness;

  • Twist Resist Design--Quilted honeycomb design prevents bunching and twisting.

How to Use Disposable G-string Panty Liners?

How to Use Disposable G-string Panty Liners?


Peel off the adhesive strip behind the panty liner

How to Use Disposable G-string Panty Liners?


Paste it on inside of the panty

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