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Disposable Baby Wipes

Disposable Baby Wipes

Sopure Baby Wipes are thick, and these large-size baby safe sanitizing wipes are specially designed to treat your baby well, with the cleaning power you need and the care your baby deserves. The baby wipes provide a soft, towel-like experience for sensitive skin, and the tape-sealed packaging design can keep the wipes fresh.

Sopure unscented baby wipes are safe for sensitive skin, organic baby wipes ingredients and contain no irritating ingredients, fragrances, alcohol, preservatives, lotions, parabens, alcohol and dyes, and elemental chlorine 

Types of Disposable Baby Wipes

How Long Can Baby Wipes Use Per Day?

  • On average a newborn will use 37 baby tissue wipes in a day, 1,110 baby wipes for the first 30 days and 3300 for the first 90 days, and up to 8000 baby wipes in the first year.

  • In months 3-6, you’ll need about 450 wipes per month or 1,350 wipes for all 3 months. That’s about 6 packs of baby tissue wipes per month or 18 packs of baby wipes for all 3 months.

How Many Baby Wipes Does the Average Baby Use in a Day?

How Many Baby Wipes Does the Average Baby Use in a Day?

  • On average, a newborn will have 7 wet diapers and 3 dirty diapers per day, which means 37 wipes per day.

  • Or, in the first 3 months, you’ll need 1,110 wipes per month and 3,330 wipes for the first 90 days. 

  • This works out to about 15 pack of baby wipes per month or 45 packs of wipes for the first 90 days. 

Safety Of Sopure Disposable Baby Wipes

Flip-top packs of 80 Unscented wipes

Free from: Fragrances, alcohol, bronopol, dyes, parabens, and phthalates

safest baby wipesSopure wipes are made of pharmaceutical-grade purified water, aloe vera, and vitamin E. Baby wipes manufacturers provide clean, gentle and the safest baby wipes, and sanitary wipes for babies can be carried in clam shell packaging. Each wipe is strong, soft, large and textured, and can be baby hand, face, mouth and body wipes, even sensitive wipes for babies.

Safety Of Sopure Disposable Baby Wipes

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