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Disposable Adult Underwear

Disposable Adult Underwear

Sopure series Disposable Adult Pull Up Pants are specially designed for elders and patients to use, these products can meet the medical standards.

The entrance of adult disposable underwear into the market is merely 15 years with the global economic development and the improvement of personal care philosophy--Improve the Quality of life. Followed by adult diapers, adult pads, adult pants will bring the using experiences as an underwear to customers. It is easy for them to wear on and wear off. These products now are widely used in the hospitals,nursing houses an families with elders.

Types of Disposable Adult Briefs for Sale

How Long Can A Elder Wear A Disposable Adult Underwear?

For those person with light incontinence, a diaper can help them keep for 2 to 4 hours. For those patients or elders who take the medical treatment in bed, the average time for using a diaper is about 2 to 3 hours. They need change diapers frequently.

How Many Adult Underwear Does The Average Elder Use In A Day?

How Many Adult Underwear Does The Average Elder Use In A Day?

Basically, for the light incontinence persons,an adult diaper can absorb 1-2 times. They will use 3-4 pcs per day. But for heavy incontinence persons(especial elders and patients ill in bed), they need use the super absorbent diapers at least 4-5 pcs per day The average usage of diapers is according to the situation of persons' incontinence.

Safety of Sopure Adult Underwear

Sopure series Adult Underwear are designed as the underwear style that is suitable for being close to the body and produced by selected high-quality raw materials and world-advanced machines to make sure the premium quality. Affordable costs, different absorbent level and soft, safe for skins and comfortable wearing are the basic features of our adult underwear. These can provide the confidence of those incontinent persons to use our products.

Our adult underwear are made without Latex, Artificial fragance, Chlorine processing, Heavy metals etc.

Safety of Sopure Adult Underwear

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