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Disposable Adult Pull Up Pants

Disposable Adult Pull Up Pants

Sopure's disposable adult pull-up pants are specially designed for elders' and patients' uses. These adult pull up disposable pants can meet medical standards.

The entrance of pull-up adult pants into the market is merely 15 years with the global economic development and the improvement of personal care philosophy--Improve the Quality of life. Following the step of disposable adult diapers, adult pads and disposable pants for adults now bring a more underwear-like user experience to customers. The adult training pants can be easily worn on and worn off. The adult pull-up pants now are widely used in hospitals, nursing houses, and families with elders. As a professional disposable adult pull-up pants supplier in China, Sopure can provide you with high-quality adult pull-ups at great marketing prices. Feel free to contact us for more info!

Types of Disposable Adult Pull Up Pants

How Long Can A Elder Wear A Disposable Adult Pull Up Pant?

For those person with light incontinence, the adult pull up pants can help them keep for 2 to 4 hours. For those patients or elders who take the medical treatment in bed, the average time for using disposable pull-up pants for adults is about 2 to 3 hours. They need to change diapers frequently.

How Many Disposable Adult Pull Up Pant Does The Average Elder Use In A Day?

How Many Disposable Adult Pull Up Pant Does The Average Elder Use In A Day?

Basically, for light incontinence persons, the adult disposable pants can absorb 1-2 times. Thus, the users will need to change 3-4 pcs per day. But for heavy incontinence persons(especial elders and patients ill in bed), they need to use super-absorbent adult training underwear at least 4-5 pcs per day The average usage of disposable incontinence products is normally in accordance with the situation of persons' incontinence.

Safety Of Sopure Adult Incontinence Pull-Up Pants

As one of the pro disposable adult pull-up pants factories in China, Sopure only selects high-quality raw materials and uses world-advanced machines to make our adult pull-up pants. Cheap costs, different absorbent levels, great softness and safety, and strong stretch tabs are the basic features of our adult pull-up pants. With the help of our pull-up adult pants, patients can regain their confidence.

Our adult pull-up pants are made without Latex, Artificial fragrance, Chlorine processing, Heavy metals, etc.

Safety Of Sopure Adult Incontinence Pull-Up Pants

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