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Disposable Adult Inserts

Disposable Adult Inserts

Sopure's disposable diaper inserts are designed to lock in moisture and give you peace of mind. You have independent maximum protection for diapers and boosters. The uniform thickness of the entire mat is specifically designed to quickly absorb moisture, helping to keep the skin clean, dry, and protected. The powerful overnight absorption and locking technology can effectively reduce the odors associated with incontinence and increase the discreteness and hygienic properties of the product. In addition to absorbing moisture from the skin, the smooth outer layer design of the disposable nappy liners also makes them comfortable to wear even on the most delicate skin.

The cleverly placed tape securely fixes these cushions in any diaper, creating a cohesive underwear feel. Every high-absorbency adult diaper liner has an odor-absorbing core, which can greatly reduce unpleasant odors, so you don't have to worry about it. Elastic edges contain sudden, unexpected flows. These most comfortable and absorbent disposable diaper liners can help you treat bladder incontinence.

Types of Disposable Adult Nappy Insert

How Long Can an Adult Wear a Disposable Adult Insert?

Under normal circumstances, it is suggested to replace the disposable cloth nappy liners every 4-5 hours. Adult insert diapers with good absorption effect do not need to be replaced at night. If the elderly's urine volume is relatively large, and the water absorption of the diaper inserts for adults is not good, then it may need to be replaced every 2 hours. As one of the mature incontinence products manufacturers in China, Sopure recommends you replace the adult diaper liners according to the humidity indicator.

How Many Adult Insert Does the Average Adult Use in a Day?

How Many Adult Insert Does the Average Adult Use in a Day?

As the adult insert pads need to be changed every 4-5 hours, an adult will need to change 5 to 6 adult diaper inserts per day. Of course, this can be adjusted according to the specific situation. When the urine output of the elderly is low, the use time of a single adult diaper liner can be extended. If the urine output is large, the changing time of the adult diaper liner should then be shortened correspondingly. As a professional manufacturer of disposable hygienic products, Sopure recommends users replace the adult nappy liners according to their actual needs and situations.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Adult Insert

Sopure disposable adult insert adopts a fast-absorbing core design. They can lock moisture and keep the skin dry and comfortable (for both men and women). A booster pad with adhesive is added to our adult disposable nappy liners to minimize odor and moisture absorption. 

- New compact design: the upgraded design is more compact in width and length, providing better protection, so you can rest assured to get extra absorption capacity. 

- Comfortable and safe: the cleverly placed tape securely fixes these cushions in any adult diaper liner, creating a feeling of cohesive underwear.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Adult Insert

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