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Diaposable Baby Swimming Pants

Diaposable Baby Swimming Pants

Sopure's baby swimming pants are specially designed for swimming. They use unique absorbent material and will not swell in the water like ordinary diapers. The double leakage shield is tightly attached to the baby's legs to help control confusion. A swimming diaper that fits like a swimsuit. Both sides can be easily opened and reclosed. The waistband can be adjusted and quickly changed. With a 360-degree elastic waistband, it fits without gaps. Baby boy swim pants are designed for comfort and carefree fun. For worry-free play, Sopure swimming trunks are made of double leak-proof barriers to prevent mess, Easy-Tear Sides make them easy to remove even when wet.

Types of Disposable Baby Swimming

How Long Can a Baby Wear a Disposable Baby Swimming?

Baby's swimming diapers are disposable items and can only be worn once. Do not wash them again and again no matter if they get dirty. As a professional supplier, it is recommended to remove the swimming trunks after swimming.

How Many Swimming Diapers Does the Average Baby Use in a Day?

How Many Swimming Diapers Does the Average Baby Use in a Day?

This is uncertain, and there is no recommendation for frequency of use. The swimming trunks can be changed when the baby is swimming and should be changed in time after playing.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Baby Swimming

The T-shaped diversion trough can absorb urine quickly; the built-in suspension core can lock the moisture and prevent reverse osmosis, keeping the baby dry all night. Triple leak-proof design, bid farewell to side leakage.

The superfine fiber surface is soft as cotton; the PE breathable layer allows the baby's skin to breathe, keeps the baby comfortable and dry, and rejects diaper rash. It is 30% thinner than ordinary diapers, ultra-thin and light, so the baby has no burden to wear.

Hypoallergenic, no chlorine, latex, perfume, PVC, emulsion, TBT or parabens.

Safety of Sopure Disposable Baby Swimming

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