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Private Label (OEM/ODM) Business

Private label manufacturing or so-called contracted manufacturing, which we refer to as OEM&ODM business models play an important role in our industry.

As a specialized manufacturer, We have disposable adult pull up pants factories, whose business covers personal care products from baby care, and female care to adult care, OEM/ODM business is our important section. We provide such service for many customers at home and abroad. And we can provide bulk sanitary disposables.

We have established good relationships with more than 150 local and international brands. We have complete supply chain capability to provide customers with good products including adult plastic nappies and services.


In this situation, all the materials(Including the Raw Materials and packages) should be provided by our customers and we only provide the production and packing service and we will get the processing charges.

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In this case, we can provide with full service including help design the products, purchase the raw materials and produce the goods. We will quote you the price of the whole finished products.

After more than 15 years of accumulation, we have formed a mature procedure for private label contracted manufacturing for different customers all over the world.

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